Prettifying the Emanote Timeline

Emanote allows you to use queries to dynamically generate static lists. For example, all Blog Entries!

This is done with the following snippet:

```query {.timeline}

Internally, it then uses some emanote templates to render the timeline, which I have adjusted to be nicer to look at:

<nav class="p-4">
  <ol class="border-l-2 border-${theme}-700">
          <div class="flex flex-start items-center">
            <div class="bg-${theme}-700 w-4 h-4 flex items-center justify-center rounded-full -ml-2 mr-3 -mt-2"></div>
            <a class="flex-1 text-${theme}-700 font-semibold text-xl hover:underline -mt-2"
              <ema:note:title />
            <div class="ml-6 mb-6 pb-6">
              <span class="text-sm"><value var="date" /></span>

And voila! The result can be seen on the Blog Entries page.

Hemera sitting in front of a laptop with a NixOS logo on it.